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35 Years of PCMS



Purwa Caraka Music Studio is fully dedicated in music education. We offer a range of courses suitable for various ages. We engage a team of highly qualified and well-trained teachers performing our carefully crafted curriculum and innovative teaching techniques. Colorful textbooks that we use in our curriculum capture the interest and imagination of children. Enriched by feature performance of our students in our regular concerts and recitals.

Our aim is to create a complete musician, musicians who can express themselves skillfully, creatively and artistically. With over 30 years of experience, PCMS has more than 70 branches across Indonesia with 22.000 students enrolled annually.

Our Teachers

To ensure high quality education, each teaching staff has passed many qualifications, including audition and interview conducted personally by Purwa Caraka as Principal.

Seminars and Tutorials are given to our teaching staff periodically, setting teaching standards and proper knowledge to perform Purwa Caraka Music Studio curriculum. Our teachers are able to provide good communication with students and attending parents.



is an expression of conscience that has a world of its own base. Just like a world, the music world was accompanied by language and color as a means of expression and communication. Music is a pseudo-color, not black, not white and so on. The color depends on the honesty of the musician itself, when they’re playing its role as an individual in the unity.After more than three decades, Purwa Caraka Music Studio educate their students to not only master in the science of music, but also to express it in unity.

Our Curriculum

At PCMS, we use a carefully crafted curriculum and innovative teaching techniques. It is developed internally by a team of music educator using many source of references and our 30+ years of experience educating music.

Books play an important role in the process of teaching. Beside music books that are available in the market, PCMS also published music education books for usage in classes and student exercises at home. Featuring colorful books for children, captivating their interest and imagination while learning. Creating a fun-filled learning experience.



Our studios are classes that are well equipped with music instruments and equipment to ensure the best running of teaching. Additional equipment is provided depending on the class and curriculum demand. Custom designed to create the perfect environment for students and teachers, using acoustic and sound proofing as well as suitable lighting for music book reading.


Student Performance as Curriculum Support

Concerts and Recitals are held as part of the teaching program. Students will learn to be able to perform in front of audience of parents, family and even public. There are two types of performance program at Purwa Caraka Music Studio:

  • In-house Performance

  • Major Performance / Annual Performance


Even though the difference between both performances are the scale, both ensures that student has good stage and learning experience. Student performances program are supported by Purwa Caraka Music Studio’s very own Department of Performing Arts and Sound Engineering Department.

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