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"Cerdas Bersama Musik"


Our Curriculum

At PCMS, we use a carefully crafted curriculum and innovative teaching techniques. It is developed internally by a team of music educator using many source of references and our 30+ years of experience educating music.

Books play an important role in the process of teaching. Beside music books that are available in the market, PCMS also published music education books for usage in classes and student exercises at home. Featuring colorful books for children, captivating their interest and imagination while learning. Creating a fun-filled learning experience.

Our Vision

Music is an important part of life, that everyone love music and that everyone should have the opportunity to participate in music. We at Purwa Caraka Music Studio believe that music has an intrinsic value of its own over social and academic skills of a person. Playing music in groups develop social skill, sharing and network.


While confidence are encourage by our performance program. University studies show that participation in music has beneficial effects on other areas of learning and intelligence. Music can have significant and long-term benefits in the study of mathematics, spatial relations and language.



Music School Life


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